We are currently planning when we will be able to resume our regular activities.  Our activities are based on our original consultation with founder members who wanted to achieve something constructive as well as having fun and meeting socially.

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Current Activities


We have a range of different activities to suit our members' tastes. Please click on the link for more information about each activity. Sessions currently cover the following activities:




We currently have singing on one Monday and one Wednesday in the month

The content varies but the format is similar

  • everyone sits in a circle sharing song books

  • percussion instruments are available

  • songs are selected from different eras,from traditional/folk to pop and show songs

  • there is plenty of laughter, fun and enjoyment

Frank and Jane are out excellent tutors who lead the sessions for all to join in. 


Wendy Camsey is our tutor for Art which usually takes place on a Wednesday (please see activity schedule). Her natural enthusiasm for the subject is portrayed in the vast array of Art activities we have been lucky enough to experience.


These often have a theme relating to the time of year such as Halloween or

Springtime. They're aimed at all abilities including all those who say ‘I am

no good at Art!’ Art sessions are full of conversation, laughter, fun and of course art:


Some of the art projects:

  • beautiful group collages such as a spring time theme used for our tea-dance

  • painting and decorating trinket boxes

  • stencilling, decoupage

  • abstract art, printing, collage and decorating mirrors



Pottery takes place one Wednesday in the month (please see activity schedule for details). Melanie Hopwood, an accomplished local potter, runs the session.


Over several years she has developed her skill and knowledge of our members’ abilities and these are very popular and successful sessions.


Under Mel’s guidance members make a variety of objects e.g. tiles, small animals, decorations etc. from the raw clay. Mel then takes these away for firing and they are then painted at the next session.


Members are thrilled with the finished articles which they can take home.



Everyone enjoys the indoor golf. We play with big colourful targets, velcro tennis balls and putting mats. The satisfaction and enjoyment of hitting the target is shared by members and volunteers. It is also good exercise which is proven to help people’s mood.


The tutor always ensures the sessions are tailored to abilities and most of all

everyone has fun.


Occasionally we visit Matfen Hall and use their Golf Range or the ‘Par Three course’, where we receive instruction from the golf professional. Lunch in the club house follows where we join family members who have been enjoying a coffee and chat.


A great day out enjoyed by all.



Botcha originated from Greece and is now a Paralympic sport. It is a form of bowls with softer balls with the aim to get the team's ball nearest the white jack.


We work in teams and the members’ competitive spirit comes to the fore with much laughter and cheering. We also play curling during this session which is as much fun. Again this is exercise and competition which motivates people.


SMILE Through Sport run the sessions. They provide opportunities for disabled individuals to participate in sport.



One of our most popular activities is indoor gardening. It is well known that

getting close to nature is good for well-being and this is the case here. Our members

enjoy reminiscing about their previous gardens which leads to lots of conversation.


Within these sessions we:


  • plant pots with bulbs

  • plant herbs and vegetables

  • create beautiful hanging baskets

  • work outside in the small garden of the Torch Centre


Tom Martin from Wylam Nurseries is our excellent tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable and delivers the sessions with a great sense of humour which appeals to all.


With Tom’s help, we have developed an area outside the Torch Centre into a small garden. We are developing this further so that we can use it more extensively.


Tynedale Archers run these sessions which are compliant with Health and Safety regulations. The tutors provide patient and cheerful encouragement to participants and are keen players themselves which generates enthusiasm amongst the group.


Benefits of archery:

  • combines exercise and skill

  • concentration and focus

  • huge cheers when targets are hit 

  • promotes a competitive spirit

Archery challenges misconceptions about dementia. We have found that people with dementia can learn new skills and can be just as safety conscious as the rest of us!